[HEIMISH] Dailism Blusher Palette – Stay Blossom: Review

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I’m really excited to talk about a new brand today, and I f you are following me on Instagram, you would know that this brand is Heimish. Heimish is a brand new Korean brand that just launched a few months ago but there are already many people talking about it, and I feel really lucky because Stylekorean, which is a Korean cosmetics online shop that ships internationally (you should absolutely check it out), has recently sent me a package of various heimish products to try them out, and I’m super excited because I’ve been wanting to try them out since they were first launched.

First of all, let’s take a minute to appreciate their packagings. Whoever designed them is a genius, I mean, just look how simple yet elegant they are. Thank to this packaging I fell in love with the products before even trying them.

And now, let’s move to the actual review! So for today, I’ll be reviewing Heimish “dailism” Blusher Palette, it’s available in 4 different color options:



Description and claims:

This exclusive 3-in-1 palette brings Heimish’s artistry techniques to life in an easy, fun way — allowing you to play with its Highlighter to enhance, Multi-Shading Colors to sculpt, and Blusher to add a beautiful flush. Lightweight powder with coated pigments provide true and long lasting colors.

Volume: 14.5g

Active Ingredients:

Mica, talc, nylon-12 , titanium dioxide , silica , phenyl trimethicone , boron nitride , magnesium stearate , Caprylic , propanediol, tin oxide , carmine,


The Heimish Dailism Blusher Palette comes in a gorgeous very sturdy plastic packaging that’s a shiny, glossy pink with gold shimmers in it (and I love everything pink *-*) It’s very simple yet elegant (just like all of Heimish products) with a rose gold heimish in corner… I’m a sucker.

Between the powder pans and the large mirror lays a protective plastic film with “No More Normal” written on it. How can I not love this brand?

The brush that comes with this palette is actually pretty decent, it’s not the best when it comes to blending but it’s actually soft and precise, and nothing like those crappy harsh brushes that start shedding before even touching them. It’s a dual-ended brush with an angled edge in one side, and a rounded one in the other.

Texture, Performance and Swatches:

The colors are really pretty, they are in no way as pigmented or as vibrant as western brands, but they are absolutely the kind of shades I like since they give you that natural look that you can build up if desired (I personally always end up looking like a clown whenever I use super pigmented products… I don’t know why but seems like I’m lacking in the blending area). So if you are someone who looks for really pigmented products, then this palette is definitely not for you, but if you are like me and like products that give you just a wash of color then you would absolutely love it as much as I did.
all these powders are smooth to the touch, blend out easily and adhere perfectly to the skin, and last for about 5 hours before it starts to fade, which is pretty decent.

The contouring/shading comes in three colors which is unique and absolutely different from what we usually find in most of other Korean brands who only offer a bronzer. One of the three color is more like a gray-brown one while the two other ones are more of a warmer shades, but none of them is orangey (which again is frequently found in Korean cosmetics). You can either use them separately depending on where you are gonna apply it, or mix the three colors together to get the perfect neutral shade to contour your face (at least it’s perfect for me, since most contouring products are way too dark for me and I end up most of the time with chocolate bar cheeks). This tri-colored shading is really smooth and blends out nicely creating a natural shadow effect, and it is buildable if you need a more dramatic look.
The blusher is a sheer pink with a satin finish. It is quite similar to most of Korean blushes, it isn’t super pigmented but instead gives you just a wash of color which makes it perfect for everyday use. I’m pretty pale so it’s the right pigmentation for me, It’s buildable if you put in a little more effort, but if you have dark skin tone I doubt this shade would show on you, so you better go for the other shades (rose petal might be nice for those with medium skin tones).
I don’t usually use highlighters but this one is absolutely gorgeous. It’s really smooth to the touch with fine shimmery pearl, it isn’t gritty at all and doesn’t feel like chunky glitter, which makes it blend out effortlessly without emphasizing pores, fine lines or uneven skin. This highlighter has a lovely iridescent pinkish sheen that gives a natural glow and would probably compliment those with cool undertones.
– Gorgeous  sturdy packaging
– Silky smooth powder, easily blendable
– Natural finish, isn’t too pigmented which is awesome for people with light to medium skin tone.
– Tri-colored shading that would suit most skin tones.
– The highlighter is awesome, great texture, isn’t gritty at all
– The powders doesn’t emphasize skin imperfections
– The brush is actually quite nice
– Large mirror

– The blush is too sheer it might not show on people with dark skin tones, but it is definitely buildable with a little bit of effort.

You can buy it:

The Heimish Dailism Blusher Palette retails for $25.23 and is available in four shades at Stylekorean.com.

Do I recommend it?

Absolutely ♥
What is your favourite blusher/contouring palette? let me know in the comments below.

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