[HEIMISH] Dailism Eye Palette – Blissful Plevy: Review

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As you might know by now, Heimish is one of my most favorite makeup brands. So when Stylekoreansent me a couple of Heimish products last time they noticed how in love I was with this brand, so they suggested to send me some more to try.

And today, I’m gonna review one of Heimish best selling products: Heimish Dailism Eye Palette in Blissful Plevy, but there are 6 different palettes you can choose from:
– Breeze Beige
– Lovesome Brink
– Brisk Grey
– Balmy Khaki
– Cozy Coral
– Blissful Plevy

Description and claims:

Trendy color daily filtering ,Dailism eye palette.The soft and shimmering , the eight universally flattering shades in this palette are all you need to light up eyes for day and night. Includes Sparkle Eye Shadow in Ballet and Opal, Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Petal and matte Eye Shadow in Grey and Blue, plus rich Espresso for lining eyes. The sleek black palette includes a large mirror and Dual Ended Eye Shadow/ Eye Liner Brush for flawless application, anywhere. The silky, powder formula glides on lids and blends easily, so you can layer and build shadows as desired. Densely-pigment shades stay color true and won’t crease, flake or fade.

Volume: 7.5g

Active Ingredients:

Talc, Mica, Titaniume dioxide, Boron Nitride, Silica, Magnesium Myristate, Propanediol, Polyisobutene, dimethicone, N-Lauroyl-L-Lysine, Trimethicone, Mineral Oil, yellow iron oxide, ultramarine.

The Heimish Dailism Eye Palette is very similar to the Heimish Dailism Blusher Palette (you can find my full review here). The only difference is the colors: instead of a glossy and shimmery pink plastic palette (I don’t know why it looks peach- saumon-ey color in the pics), this one comes in a black matte one. they are both very simple yet elegant (just like all of Heimish products) with a rose gold heimish in corner… I’m a sucker. (btw, the rose gold foil might start fading after a couple of days, I personally applied a nail polish topcoat to preserve it)

Between the eyeshadows pans and the full sized mirror lays a protective plastic film with “No More Normal” written on it, which seems like the brand’s motto since it’s written on all of their products.

Just like the other heimish palette, the brush that comes with this palette is pretty decent, it picks up a good amount of product and does a good job blending it. Also, the colors come out better using a brush than your fingers.

Texture, Performance and Swatches:

The colors are really pretty and fairly pigmented, and the color can be built up to become (nearly) as vibrant as urban decay’s colors. The color coordination is absolutely awesome and sophisticated, are true to what’s in the pan and it comes in a mixture of mattes, shimmers and glitters.

Mattes: This palette contains 4 matte eyeshadows that are silky smooth, blend effortlessly and aren’t patchy at all
– Acid Washing: it’s an off white color that can be either used as a base before layering other shades or to highlight the browbone area.
– Indigo Blue: this color looks more greyish than your average indigo blue, you can use it as a transition color for your smokey eyes.
– Boy Friend: A soft grey-beige that works amazingly as a base, and I think it would work awesomely with everyday makeup. it is the least pigmented out of the bunch in my opinion.
– Destroyed: a matte brownish color that can be used in many makeup looks.

Shimmers: the two shimmery shade in this palette are more pigmented than the matte ones, they glide smoothly on the lid and don’t feel gritty at all
– Wearable Color: this is my most favourite shade among the mattes and shimmers (I kinda choose this palette because of this color)
– Selvage: the most pigmented color out of all of these shades. it looks like a black eyeshadow but you can still notice a bluish hue to it that makes it perfect to go with the other shades in this palette.

Glitters: I’m not really into glitters but these made me change my mind. They are amazing, they aren’t chunky at all (except for the first use) blend seamlessly and are nothing short than awesome (imo)
– Vintage: this one is pure glitter.  I love it. it can be blended out to get a foily color (if it does make sense)
– Ultra Stretch: this one has a mixture of pink and purple silvery glitters (if it makes sense), and it’s reaaally pretty.

First row: (I used my finger to swatch them, one swipe only. the color comes out better using a brush)

Second row: (I used my finger to swatch them, one swipe only. the color comes out better using a brush)

– Gorgeous  sturdy packaging
– Silky smooth powder, blends out seamlessly
– Fairly pigmented compared to other Korean eyeshadows
– The glittery shades are pure glitters and are so beautiful, and aren’t gritty at all
– Sophisticated color coordination
– Doesn’t look patchy on the lid
– Lasts for 6-8 hours without primer, and moooore with a primer
– Large mirror
– Decent brush

– The matte packaging can look dirty since it picks up dust etc easily, and it can look scratched up.
– The foil of the logo fades easily (hence why I always apply a topcoat on top of it)
– Some shades aren’t really pigmented which can be a con to many of you

You can buy it:

The Heimish Dailism Eye Palette retails for $26.91 and is available in six color options at Stylekorean.com.

Do I recommend it?

Absolutely ♥
What is your favourite Korean eye palette? let me know in the comments below.
Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Stylekorean. Opinions expressed here are 100% honest and my own.

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