Klairs Or SkinFood: What is the best Black Sugar Scrub?

Black sugar scrubs are quite popular nowadays as they do quite a great job exfoliating your skin. And all of us know how important exfoliating is since it gets rid of all of these flaky dead skin cells, that not only make your skin look dry and rough, but also makes your makeup look cakey and contributes alongside with the dirt to clog your pores up and thus cause more pimples and blackheads, and I’m sure nobody wants this.
Personally, I have a dehydrated skin which means that my skin tends to produces more dead skin cells than the average person, and thus I need to exfoliate more often than those of you who have normal or oily skin. That’s why, black sugar scrubs have been my dear friends for quite sometime now.
The two black sugar products I have used the most are Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask and Klairs Black Sugar Face Polish, and since they are some of the most popular scrubs on the marked, I decided to do a little comparison today. (I have reviewed both of them before, you can find them here: Skinfood | Klairs)
So here is a little comparison:
Here is a little close up:
I forgot to take a “before” picture, but my skin was looking really awful with lots of dry cells and flaky patches (and if you have already read yesterday’s quick review on my Instagram here, those are the pimples I was talking about yesterday, and believe me they are much smaller now than how big they were yesterday)
Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask
Klairs Black Sugar Facial Polish
Price (in Korea)
Almost everywhere
Only in Korea, or online onwishtrend and maybe some other online stores (less than a handful)
4 (one of them rated 7)
5 (rated from 3 to 4)
Herbal or something. Not too strong
The size of the particles
A liiitle bit harsh
Slightly harsher than the skinfood one
Time you should leave it on
How soft your skin feels afterward
Other effects?
Kinda reduce blackheads, but nothing much
In Other words:
Reasons to buy Klairs:
– your skin is softer afterward
– doesn’t have a suffocating scent
– kinda helps reducing blackheads (nothing much though)
– you don’t have to wait 10 min
Reasons to buy Skin Food:
– More gentle on the skin
– You get a lot of product (100g)
– Considerably cheaper especially if you are buying it on line.
My thoughts:
For about 8 months now, whenever they would ask me what is you favorite black sugar scrub my automatic answer would be “KLAIRS Duh!” and I’ll go on and on about how gentle and efficient it is in comparison with skinfood, but now that I used them side to side today, I feel like I’ve been lying to people this whole time saying that Klairs is more gentle when actually it is the harsher one here, so I feel like I owe you guys and explanation:
Skinfood was the first mechanical scrub I have ever used, and after accidentally purchasing 2 jars of the Klairs and receiving a third one for free, I practically abandoned The skinfood Black Sugar Scrub, and you can say that I forgot how it works except that my first impression was “oh this is quite harsh on the skin!”. you would say “but you just said that Klairs’ is harsher” well yeah you are right but then when I started using it I was already used to black sugar scrubs, so it felt quite gentle xD
What scrub do I prefer now?
Each of them has its cons and pros but I feel like Skinfood Sugar Scrub has a better quality-price ratio, but I’ll still go back to klairs whenever I’ll feel that my skin isn’t scrubbed enough or when I wanna tone down my blackheads a notch or two.
Where can you buy them?
– Skin Food Black Sugar Wash Off Mask Herefor $6.47
– Klairs Black Sugar Facial Polish Herefor $18.99they often make 1+1 offers (use my invitation code: 125028803to get $5 off your first purchase)
So What is your favorite one? lemme know in the comments below.

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